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dive Team

Our program for beginner athletes. Creating opportunities for all athletes to learn the game no matter their experience.

Develop, Improve, Visualize, Empower: Champions on the Rise.


youth Team

Our program for youth athletes. Creating opportunities for athletes of all ages to learn the game.





"We want to thank Sam Quilter, Olivia Smart and everyone else involved with Frenzy Lacrosse.  This is one of the best programs we’ve been a part of.  Great coaches from some of the top schools in Orange County. One of the things that sets them apart from the others is having a dedicated goalie coach.  Most clubs have an offensive and maybe defensive coach but they lack a true goalie coach. Frenzy has Coach Ane and she has done wonders working with our daughter.  She has become, not just a better goalie, but a great communicator and leader on the defensive end." 

- National Orange Parent


"One of the biggest differences between Frenzy and other clubs is the coaching. Rather than wait till the end of the game when you’re pulled off, they instruct you and then send you back out to implement. It’s changed my game. The coaches want to see the players succeed.  The recruiting piece has been really helpful. I receive individualized recruiting advice and know that as I enter my recruiting season I am well prepared."

-National Orange Player


"We have had such a positive year and a half with Frenzy.  This past year has been the best. From Coach Sam and Olivia’s well organized weekly emails, timely schedules, weekly updates on practices, games times and fields. To our amazing coaches Megan and Lexi. All have helped in my daughter's growth and passion for LAX.  Especially in her skill set, understanding of the game, and learning and improving by playing and making mistakes.  No one wants to be punished for a mistake. It’s how the coaches use this as a teaching opportunity that sets Coach Megan apart from the others.  They keep the practices exciting and different each week. Working on different aspects of the game, from ball handling, to set plays, to positioning, all while being uplifting and encouraging and pushing your daughter to be their best.  My daughter is excited about her continuation with Frenzy and LAX. "

-Regional Blue Parent

about us

Frenzy LC is an Orange County GIRLS ONLY lacrosse program that focuses on creating a positive and fun learning environment for passionate lacrosse players while using the sport as a tool to learn important life skills outside of the game.  At Frenzy, we believe in building up the female leader and athlete.

Frenzy is the product of several girls high school lacrosse coaches in Orange County that understand what the game needs and what the girls want. 

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